Campbell Coaching offer mountain bike skills coaching, MTB Courses and mountain bike instruction and guiding. We have our own 'private' coaching venues: Afan Lodge in the heart of the Afan Forest Park trail Network South Wales & Onegiant Leap, Llangollen North Wales, we like to travel and see new places, so you can pick which venue is best for you.

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We specialise in individual and group MTB skills coaching & guiding, we take you out and not only look after you on the bike but we show you the local area and points of interest too. 

Due to our depth of knowledge and experience we also do Instructor/Leader CPD training for other instructors wanting to 'up skill' either their riding or coaching/instruction.

Our coaching style is professional but always friendly & relaxed. We keep ratios small for high quality Skills coaching and we also use video analysis on our sessions to make sure you get the most out of it.

Whether you are male or female we can deliver the right course and coach for your session. Get in touch and see what we can do for you?


Why do we also do female-specific coaching?

We coach both men and women, there are little differences between them when it comes to riding. Most women do approach riding differently in both their skills and mental attitude. They can still rip up the trail, though. They just need the right coaching delivered in the right way. Many companies advertise that they run female only courses and coaching, but when you turn up they often have a ‘token’ female rider there, while the usual male staff actually run the course, thats not how we do it!

Ally is one of the most experienced female MTB instructors in the UK. Her experience from racing in the UK Gravity Enduro 2011 coming 2nd overall, Maxi Avalanche Cup series in Europe and also has raced the Mega Avalanche 4 times, she also likes to ride all types of trails which means you will get some of the best female-specific coaching available. 


Fin (aged 8months) has nailed the first part of learning to ride, balance and forward momentum with smiles thrown in as well! Check him out here:

Short vid below of Ally riding in Whistler:

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